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About the project

Bat migration Europe is a project coordinated by the CESCO laboratory of the French Museum of Natural History (Paris, France). A part of this project is a collaboration with the laboratory Centre in Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (Montpellier, France). We are in collaboration with the BBEES lab to ensure that the data workflow fits the best standards of data management.


Funding and support

Bat migration Europe is funded by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), Naturalia Environnement, and by the Projects Initiative of EUROBATS.

Coordination team

All of the members of the coordination team are part of the CESCO lab. Charlotte Roemer coordinates the project and is in charge of collecting the data and analysing them under the supervision of Christian Kerbiriou. Yves Bas provides counselling for data management and analysis.

To find more about the coordination team, please visit the Team Chiro’s website.

Contact for the project:

The logo of Bat migration routes to Europe was designed by Ugo Schumpp.