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Bat Migration Europe

Bat Migration routes in Europe

Participation map

50 km grid


16 of May 2023

The map of participations was updated here.

The publication of the method progresses: 16 people are collaborating on the draft.

7 of September 2022

We now received data recorded on more than 8000 sites from 18 partners in total. More than 30 partners are still preparing their data and sending them.

You can see the updated map of participations here. It shows the study sites sent for Bat Migration Routes in Europe (>8000 sites) + the French Vigie-Chiro dataset (>16000 sites).

In addition, we donated 103 Audiomoths during the summer, adding 4 new countries to the list of partners!

3rd of June 2022

Data transfer is going well: up to now we collected 10.5 Terabytes from 14 different partners from 11 countries (Belgium, Romania, Basque Country, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, UK, Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, and France). These data represent more than 500 nights and 270 sites!

This is just the beginning, because 26 other partners signed or are about to sign an agreement for data exchange, which means that they will soon transfer their data.

We are currently working on developing the tools to standardise these data and process them. In parallel, we made good progress developing the method that we will apply to build prediction maps of bat activity.

15th of April 2022

Thanks to our first partners, 1800 Gigaoctets of data have been sent for the project! It is only the beginning and we are expecting much more. If you haven’t done so already, please get in touch with us to start your data transfer as soon as possible.

10th of January 2022

We are ready to start data transfer! You will find all information about how to send your data on the tutorial here

We received proposals from 20 persons who listed their study sites. But we expect much more according to our informal conversations!

For the moment the data listed represent more than 34 To. They originate from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

22nd of December 2021

The team of Bat migration routes in Europe wishes you a merry Christmas and a safe migration to 2022!

30th of November 2021

Partners are encouraged anew to list their study sites and return the list to us by email by the end of the year.

We now have access to the IN2P3 data center (French Centre of Scientific Research - CNRS) to host the data of the project!

23rd of September 2021

Partners are encouraged to list their study sites and return the list to us by email. You can find more about how to get involved here.

To organise the data workflow we are now collaborating with the BBEES lab (French Museum of Natural History/CNRS) who specialises in databases on biodiversity, ecology, environment and societies.

17th of August 2021

The website is launched!

The webinar that took place on the 29th of July 2021 can be seen here.

Header image © NASA/GSFC (CC BY 2.0)