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Audiomoths donation


The project Bat migration routes in Europe is by nature a collaborative project. It needs partners all around Europe to be a success. To support bat workers and researchers from countries underfunded in bat research and conservation, EUROBATS provided a grant to the French museum of natural history for this project. This grant, along with a grant from Naturalia Environnement, allows us to buy recording material (AudioMoth v1.2.0, Open Acoustic Devices) that will be given to partners who wish to contribute to the study but are limited in terms of equipment. These Audiomoths will become the full property of the partners.

By donating these bat recorders, we expect to receive sounds in WAV format, that will contribute to the project Bat migration routes in Europe. We also wish to facilitate a possible long-term collaboration with the partners benefiting from this donation: the material will be provided along with good practice recommendations for bat acoustic recordings and analyses.

Selected applicants will receive at least one Audiomoth and a micro SD card of 32 Go. According to their needs, applicants might ask up to 10 Audiomoths (but micro SD cards are not guaranteed for supplementary Audiomoths).

LabMaker is our sponsor for this Audiomoth donation.